Dr. Derek Farrell President (UK)

 Alon Fleischer (ISRAEL)

 Francisca Garcia Guerrero (SPAIN)

 Frank Hofmann (GERMANY)

 Dr. Derek Indoe (UK)

 Martine Iracane (FRANCE)

 Lorraine Knibbs (UK)

 Dorit Knobel (ISRAEL)

 Emre Konuk (TURKEY)

 Isabelle Meignant (FRANCE)

 Prof. Paul Miller (NORTHERN  IRELAND)

 Johnny Moran (IRELAND)

 Penny Papanikolopoulos (GREECE)

 Tessa Prattos (GREECE)



About Trauma Aid Europe

Trauma Aid Europe is a network organization responsible for the promotion and development of EMDR therapy, as an evidence based, empirically supported psychotherapy, in assisting communities affected by the consequences of psychological trauma.

About EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy – A Humanitarian Endeavour (Francine Shapiro, 2014) 

The negative effects of trauma and other adverse life experiences have been shown to interfere with individual, family, and societal functioning.

Humanitarian assistance organizations have conducted projects internationally to provide EMDR therapy after both natural and manmade disasters and have helped develop sustainable mental health resources worldwide.

Agenda - Saturday 20th November

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome by TAE President – Dr. Derek Farrell

09:40 Keynote Address: Trauma Capacity building to address the global burden of trauma: Rolf Carriere (CEO GISTT)

10:20 Trauma Psycho-Social Support (TPSS+) – Frank Hofmann (Trauma Aid Germany)

11:00 Morning Coffee Break

11:30 Trauma Stress Relief (TSR) (TBC)

12:20 AIP informed Trauma Counselling (SE Asia Model). Tri Hadi – EMDR Indonesia

12:45 Lunch break + Virtual Poster Presentations

13:45 Group Trauma Treatment in Iraq & Central African Republic (TF-CBT versus GTEP) – Cecile Bizouerne, Elizabetta Dozio (ACF France) & Dr. Derek Farrell

15:00 Trauma Capacity Building Curriculum Design – Ron Ockwell & Gail Womersley

15:15 Afternoon Tea Break

15:35 Research & Development Strategy for Trauma Capacity Building and Paraprofessional Development – Matt Kiernan & Ian Barron

16:15 Closing Remarks – DR. Derek Farrell

Trauma Aid Europe Humanitarian Award

Past Trauma Aid Europe Humanitarian Award Recipients

1st   Award       2015 – Helga Mattheß

2nd Award       2016 – Ute Sodemann

3rd Award        2017 – Joanny Spierings

4th Award        2018 – Derek Farrell

5th Award        2019 – Isabel Fernandez

2020                 No award due to COVID-19

trauma aid projects 

Our combined regional projects completed and ongoing to date support provision of trauma expertise, trauma training, local trauma capacity building and trauma research include regions of the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, India, China - Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Egypt, Bosnia, Ukraine, Greece, Haiti, Kurdistan, Lebanon Beirut, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Nepal, Gaziantep, Madaba.




Aceh Project Indonesia


Mekong Project 1


Myanmar / Cambodia Project - Mekong 2


Northern Iraq / Kurdistan Project


Myanmar / Cambodia Project - Mekong 3


Lebanon Project


Kurdistan Project


Rwanda Project - Burundi


Project Kenya Trust