In 2016, a three-stage EMDR course, organized with the Jiyan Foundation, took place with over 30 participants. This year, another group of 38 therapists from all 6 of the Jiyan Foundation centers located in Kurdistan will come together for training.

Trauma Emergency Aid

The 6 centers from Jiyan Foundation provide services for the refugees from Iraq as well as for the Yezidis from the war zone of the Sinjar and Kurdish refugees from Syria. The local population, having suffered from internal political conflict and interpersonal violence during the last decades, are being treated as well in these centers. Especially women and children from the refugee camps benefit from this service.

For the treatment of the various psychological disturbances EMDR is widely used as an efficient therapy.

Project objectives

  • Capacity building for trauma treatment in Kurdistan,
  • regular supervision,
  • continuous development of the therapy team, supervisors and future trainers.

Project result

The second round of training is being implemented at present, so that over 60 Kurdish therapists are already able to treat clients with EMDR


Kurdistan Project 2019 – Interview with Bryar Bagg from Green Desert