Natural disasters and civil and domestic conflicts – those are the main aspects of the living conditions of the local population in Myanmar and Cambodia. These often result in serious psychological consequences, an issue largely not addressed by the authorities. The health system in Myanmar must be considered as one of the least efficient in Asia. In Cambodia the government has declared mental health will be priority. As yet results are not become sufficient. In both countries hardly any facilities exist for psychologically sick people, nor are any training facilities geared towards this issue.
The main project aim is to establish psycho-therapeutic services for Myanmar and Cambodia via systematic and internationally recognized training and treatment programmes linked structurally with Universities, the government health centers and 20 locations in Myanmar and Cambodia. These locations are refugeee camps, clinics, orphanages and other helping institutions.

Traumatized and psychologically sick children, women and men are the direct target group, approximately 2500 persons. The majority of them are orphans, abandoned children, victims of interpersonal violence and sexual abuse, HIV infected children and drug abusers. For a qualified psychotherapeutic treatment and psychosocial care 120 social workers and 30 therapists will be trained in Myanmar, 90 social workers and 30 therapists in Cambodia. The training will be conducted by five Asian and six European trauma specialists.

The project is financed by terre des hommes Germany and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Lead partner is EMDR Cambodia (