Lebanon is a country that has suffered from ongoing traumas such as wars, internal conflicts and natural and man-made disasters for many decades. The people on this lands have been exposed to these traumas and more. Some have been able to adapt and recover from the hardships, while others still suffer from PTSD and other psychological disorders and problems. The whole society somehow seems to be living in acute stress due to economic problems, serious imbalance of political forces, proximity to the Syrian war, ISIS terror and many more.

This precarious situation has been exacerbated by the 2 million refugees (Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians) who have been living there since 2011, leading to an unstable and disruptive political system to this day.

Despite this almost auspicious situation, the EMDR Lebanon Association was able to successfully implement a training project for an additional 19 psychotherapists in 2017 bi 2019. Five local EMDR trainers were also in the training, which was conducted by the single, funded by terre des hommes and the Ministry of Lower Saxony. The outstanding role of the Ministry of Health and its tireless commitment and support for the psychosocial care of the population should also be mentioned.

The organisation TraumaAid Germany, a long-standing cooperation partner of terre des hommes, accompanied the previous project from a professional point of view and will take over the training of non-professional psychological helpers in the new project and in TPSS+. Thus, in the new project, EMDR training will be complemented by psychosocial training for para-professionals.

The start of this new approved project has been delayed due to the Covit-19 pandemic, the training can start as soon as the widespread crisis situation has eased. For those affected by the explosion in the port of Beirut, EMDR Lebanon was able to implement a crisis intervention initiative with the help of Trauma Aid Turkey. People who suffered from the explosion are still being treated, either with online or face-to-face sessions.