Trauma Aid Europe will present their Fourth Annual Virtual Conference

on Saturday 02 November 2024


Further details will be available in early 2024


This is a Not for Profit Event

trauma aid projects 

Our combined regional projects completed and ongoing to date support provision of trauma expertise, trauma training, local trauma capacity building and trauma research include regions of the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, India, China - Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Egypt, Bosnia, Ukraine, Greece, Haiti, Kurdistan, Lebanon Beirut, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Nepal, Gaziantep, Madaba.




Aceh Project Indonesia


Mekong Project 1


Myanmar / Cambodia Project - Mekong 2


Northern Iraq / Kurdistan Project


Myanmar / Cambodia Project - Mekong 3


Lebanon Project


Kurdistan Project


Rwanda Project - Burundi


Project Kenya Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

Trauma Aid Europe is a not for profit organisation that relies solely on the efforts of unpaid volunteer trauma professionals. 

TAE is a global umbrella group linked into global Trauma Response Networks including regional and local trauma response networks, trauma response partners and affiliates including individual members.

TAE affiliates, partners and individual members are drawn from a global community of Trauma Response Network and Humanitarian Assistance Programmes in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Israel, Turkey and Greece.

Individual members originating from all four continents of the Globe – committed to supporting and building Worldwide Trauma Response Capacities. 

Vision & Mission

Our vision as a community of international trauma focused trainers, therapists and researchers is to provide support and assistance in early trauma response, ongoing trauma response, trauma training and trauma capacity building.


To support building local trauma response capacity where it is needed:


  • focusing on providing expertise, training, education, research and innovation.
What We Do

Trauma Aid Europe provides support and assistance in countries where focused trauma therapy, including early trauma response, are not yet or are only inadequately available. In these projects, training and therapeutic treatment, trauma research are always closely linked and combined.

  • We train qualified persons including paraprofessional workers in crisis areas, in psycho-traumatology including building trauma desensitization and resourcing capacities 
  • We assist in networking specialised trauma psychotherapists, EMDR trainers and therapists – locally, nationally, and internationally to support trauma response and treatment efforts
  • We promote training courses and trauma research projects
Why We Help

All of us live in a situation where the number of survivors of natural disasters, victims of human violence, war, torture, and displacement, as well as the number of refugees, has increased dramatically and continues to grow. Trauma Aid Europe initiates and supports efforts to give psychologically affected people access to professional trauma therapy.

Our Goal:

  • Regaining emotional stability and mental health for traumatized children and adults
  • Breaking the cycle of violence through timely trauma treatment
  • A peaceful future – for all of us

Dr. Derek Farrell President (UK)

Alon Fleischer (Israel), Francisca Garcia Guerrero (Spain), Frank Hofmann (Germany), Dr. Derek Indoe (UK), Martine Iracane (France), Lorraine Knibbs (UK), Dorit Knobel (Israel), Emre Konuk (Turkey), Isabelle Meignant (France), Prof. Paul Miller (Northern Ireland), Johnny Moran (Ireland), Penny Papanikolopoulos (Greece), Tessa Prattos (Greece) 


Our Partners